Andrena falsifica Perkins, 1915


Southern England; there is a single record from North-east Yorkshire (Whitby, 13 May 1924 (Keighly Museum) (Archer, 1998)). This small bee is very local, rare and easily overlooked.

The range extends throughout Europe and west Asia; southern Scandinavia to Spain and Italy and east to Transcaucasus (Gusenleitner & Schwarz, 2002).

Status (in Britain only)

This species is listed as Nationally Notable/Na (now known as Nationally Scarce) (Falk, 1991).


Imperfectly known though many records are from heaths and moors.

Flight period

Apparently univoltine; March or April to late June and early July.

Nesting biology

Details not known although it has been reported to nest solitarily (Kocourek, 1966; Dylewska, 1987; Westrich, 1989).

Flowers visited

Cinquefoil, wild strawberry, a speedwell, daisy.


Nomada flavoguttata (Kirby) has been recorded as a cleptoparasite of this species. Individuals are occasionally stylopised by an unknown Stylops species (Strepsiptera).

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G R Else.

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