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2014 AGM weekend programme published

Details for the AGM weekend programme have been published here

2014 BWARS AGM programme

The 2014 BWARS AGM weekend will take place on 27 and 28 September at Oxford University Museum of Natural History.


Download the programme here

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Saturday and Sunday 27 & 28 September 2014
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Sat, 27/09/2014

2014 BWARS AGM 27 & 28 September Oxford

2014 AGM weekend programme


Honey bees around drain / sink outlet pipe each day.

For a number of weeks we have had a steady flow of honey bees around the drain / kitchen sink outlet pipe...never more than two or three at any one time.

Today we had a two hour period in the afternoon when there were regularly between 50 and 100 at one time!

Does anyone know what they are doing there each day and why the numbers suddenly increased so dramatically for 2 hours?

We had always assumed that they were drinking...but so many bees at one time?

Many thanks in advance for any info.


Macropis europaea in your garden?

Yesterday I took a female Macropis europaea from flowers of the Dotted Loosestrife, Lysimachia punctata, from my garden.  I am tens of miles from the next closest known population of this bee and also many miles from significant stands of the normal forage plant, the wild Yellow Loosestrife Lysimachia vulgaris.  So, it is worth checking your Dotted Loosestrife in your garden.  My patch is only about one square metre.  I'll have to look out for it in the other gardens in my village...

Pemphredon? wasp reinforcing resin nest-seal with wood fragments

I have lots of wasp activity at my garden "bee-hotel" at the moment. I managed a sequence of photographs of an apparent Pemphredon wasp provisioning with aphids, sealing the nest-hole with resin and then reinforcing it with wood fragments gathered for adjacent holes. Here's a link to the photograph and description on my Flickr account:

6 species of solitary be pests all filmed using the same nest box

6 species of solitary bee pests: cuckoo wasps & bee, mites, fly, all filmed using same nest box! see them for yourself!

Not great on these types of ID!!!!

Cheers, George Pilkington

Garden with solitary bee habitat needed by BBC

I'm looking to made a short film about the habitat that gardens can provide for solitary bees. If you have an attractive garden that's being used by them, I'd love to hear from you.

Cacoxenus indagator, red mason bee cleptoparasite life cycle video

No ordinary fruit fly Cacoxenus indagator, red mason bee cleptoparasite mostly spells the death of a bee larva video

Took some time and planning to make this video. Hope you like it. Cheers George Pilkington

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