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Weighing Bees


I am a student at the Open University doing a degree in Environmental Science. I am about to undertake a project/investigation into pollinating insects. As part of the investigation I will be recording the weights of Bumblebees which (as far as I can gather) range between 0.05g and 0.90g.

Does anyone have experience of recording the weights of insects and if so can anyone recommend a budget set of scales that give sufficient precision/accuracy for this purpose?

Bombus monticola records - lancs

Three Bombus monticola females spotted at White Coppice, Lancashire (south of Brinscall) on sallows 11.30 - 13.00, 10/04/15 - two large, lively and obvious queens, one female more worker sized and fairly inactive.

Excreting pollen

I was watching an Andrena sp. that apparently started to excrete pollen on a leaf. Can anyone tell me what was happening please - thanks.

Anthophora plumipes

Good morning.

Several of my client have these coming down the chimney. What is their lifecycle?

Thanks in advance.

Hoplitis claviventris - adding wood dust to her nest plug in bee hotel

I put bee hotels up in my garden for the first time in spring 2014 & had an enthusiastic response from a number of small bees Ian Beavis kindly identified as Hoplitis claviventris. I was photographing one of the females as she was sealing her nest, and followed her as darted in and out of adjacent empty tubes collecting what I think was wood dust and placing it in the middle of her masticated leaf seal.

Artificial early emergence of Andrena scotica

I got a call from one of my friends at Edinburgh Zoo last December to say that a swarm of bees had emerged in their new meerkat enclosure and could I come and take a look.

Large batch of new images added to species accounts

BWARS member Ian Tew has been busy upoading some 230 images of bees and wasps in 23 genera, significantly improving our online image collection. Most of the images were taken in south Wales. View the images in the species accounts.

Andrena vaga at Dungeness, Kent

The colony of Andrena vaga at Dungeness RSPB has been there since at least 2010 (see recent article in BWARS newsletter by Grant Hazlehurst). I had a look at it today and there were 40+ males flying around and a small number of freshly emerged females. Interestingly, the attached photo (apologies for the poor focus!) shows a male Andrena flavipes(?) trying to mate with a female Andrena vaga. This happened a couple of times!

Bombus monticola - activity of queens

Just wondered if anyone has records of Bombus monticola queens emerging in March / early April and where from - of particular interest would be Shropshire / Derbyshire / Yorkshire records.

I've scheduled a survey - weather depending - to look for Bilberry Bumblebee queens on the 10th April, though I have only seen workers on bramble and Common Cow-wheat in the targeted area, in June last year.
There are records of workers on ling in August from the same area.

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