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Large batch of new images added to species accounts

BWARS member Ian Tew has been busy upoading some 230 images of bees and wasps in 23 genera, significantly improving our online image collection. Most of the images were taken in south Wales. View the images in the species accounts.

Andrena vaga at Dungeness, Kent

The colony of Andrena vaga at Dungeness RSPB has been there since at least 2010 (see recent article in BWARS newsletter by Grant Hazlehurst). I had a look at it today and there were 40+ males flying around and a small number of freshly emerged females. Interestingly, the attached photo (apologies for the poor focus!) shows a male Andrena flavipes(?) trying to mate with a female Andrena vaga. This happened a couple of times!

Bombus monticola - activity of queens

Just wondered if anyone has records of Bombus monticola queens emerging in March / early April and where from - of particular interest would be Shropshire / Derbyshire / Yorkshire records.

I've scheduled a survey - weather depending - to look for Bilberry Bumblebee queens on the 10th April, though I have only seen workers on bramble and Common Cow-wheat in the targeted area, in June last year.
There are records of workers on ling in August from the same area.

Tree bee life cycle

Hi. I'm new here and not an expert on bees and their life cycles.

Last year I had a tree bee nest in my great tit nest box. Over the winter all activity ceased and I was lead to believe (after reading several articles on the web) that tree bees vacate the nest and find somewhere to hibernate. Today I decided to take the bird box down and clean it out ready for any new occupants next year (birds or bees).

There was an old bird nest in the base and at the top was a silky and suprising strong construction which felt like a thick duvet and was presumably the tree bee nest.

Red tailed bumblee

Hi. I had a Red tailed bumblebee fly passed me yesterday on its way to a camellia bush 6 feet away. It did not stop long. Is this early activity? No time for a photo.

Solitary wasp as an aphid pest controller!

Probably a Passaloecus species removing aphids from a nest cavity and replacing them with other aphids video

2014 Bombus hypnorum monitoring - latest map

Stuart Roberts has added a a new map  showing the results of the 2014 monitoring project for Bombus hypnorum. This includes 3,290 lines of data. 224 new dots have been added to the map in 2014, which represents a more than a 20% increase over 2013.

Top Right: 

Bumblebee Identification Workshop

Gayton Village Hall, Gayton, Staffs. ST18 0HL led by Ron Rock. Cost £10 per head. 11.00-14.00
Learn to identify garden Bumblebees in this three hour course. There will be follow up field meetings in May and August.
To book your place at this event contact Ron Rock

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29 March 2015
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Sun, 29/03/2015

Volunteer recorder(s) needed for Biodiversity Benchmark site

Hi all,

I hope that this is okay to post here but please feel free to remove it if it is inappropriate.

I am currently involved in the Biodiversity Working Group for the company I work for in Exeter, Devon.

The office grounds are certified as a Biodiversity Benchmark area through the Devon Wildlife Trust.

We are continually trying to improve the grounds for wildlife and last year we installed two "bee hotels".

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