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It is not intended as a forum for identification queries. We may add this feature in due course, but meanwhile, if you need help identifying bees, wasps and ants, please use either iSpot or the BWARS forum on Yahoo.


Neglected Insects of Bedfordshire

Not strictly BWARS business here but a very worthwhile conference for anyone interested. Our friends in Bedfordshire are holding a conference entitled "The Neglected Insects of Bedfordshire" which deals with several groups (not aculeates). Among the speakers are several BWARS members and there is a very full programme.


Venue: The Forest Centre, Millennium Country Park, Marston Moretaine MK43 0PR on Saturday 15 November 2014.

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15 November
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Sat, 15/11/2014

Extended parental care and joint nesting in a UK digger wasp

Professor Jeremy Field will give the this year’s Brad Ashby Memorial Lecture to the BENHS/LNHS entitled Extended parental care and joint nesting in a UK digger wasp. Professor Field heads a team at Sussex University which focuses on the behavioural and evolutionary ecology of social systems, using wasps and bees as model systems. Jeremy is a long-standing member of BWARS and his work on Ammophila pubescens has shown up many fascinating aspects of behaviour.

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1 October
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Wed, 01/10/2014

Atlas of bees, wasps & ants of Shropshire published

BWARS members Nigel Jones and Ian Cheeseborough collaborated on a 13 year project to discover and map the aculeates of Shropshire. The results are summarised in a new publication A provisional atlas of the bees, wasps and ants of Shropshire

hyperactive wasps

Late Spring saw a very calm pottering queen wasp house hunting amongst a grassy mound at the edge of a hedge. The area covered a laberinth of gaps between old rotting wood and dumped turfs. Over the following months the ground entrance became bigger. To date it measures approx 10 x 8cm oval. These wasps unseen must have excavated the earth and trimmed the vegetation.
This morning, and typical of the last 6 to 8 weeks, it is like a busy 'A' road. Whenever you watch it at least 4 sometimes 8 ineects are entering and exiting. The activity is phenominal!

The bumblebees of Kent - published.

Kent Field Club have published the Bumblebees of Kent by Nikki Gammans and Geoff Allan.  The 170 pages include more than 80 colour photographs and updated distribution maps and species profiles of the bumblebees of Kent.  This bo

Identification Workshop - An introduction to the Hymenoptera aculeata

An Identification workshop will be held at Dinton Pastures


An introduction to the Hymenoptera aculeata

Identification workshop: An introduction to the Hymenoptera aculeata

Saturday 11 April 2015

Mike Edwards & Graham Collins.

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11 April
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Sat, 11/04/2015

Exotic sphecid?

I know this isn't the place for ID queries, but I would like the experts here to look at

It looks to me like the continental mud-dauber Sceliphron destillatorium, but this does raise the awkward question of what it was doing in a car park in Chepstow. It's impressive, whatever it is. (I'm not the observer)

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