Crossocerus capitosus (Shuckard,1837)


Crabro annulus (DAHLBOM,1838); Crossocerus yezo TSUNEKI,1960

Description and notes

BWARS has not yet produced an account for this species. We anticipate completing the process of producing accounts for all British and Irish species by around 2018. New species will be added at the rate of approximately 40 species per year. Meanwhile, on this page you can find at least a provisional distribution map (unless we hold no records for this species) any images BWARS has procured for the species and a list of known synonyms (names previously applied to this species).

The work of mapping aculeate hymenoptera, plus describing their life histories, is the major activity that BWARS undertakes. Should you have an interest in recording aculeates, you may like to consider joining BWARS and supporting our activities, by making records of species in areas you visit.

If there are no images for this species, and you can contribute some, please do contact us.