Andrena angustior (Kirby, 1802)

Description and notes

The females of this medium-sized Andrena are very like those of Andrena bicolor Fabricius, but can be found in May, between the main flight periods of that species. Careful examination of the clypeus of female Andrean angustior will show a faintly impressed vertical line, not present in bicolor. Males of Andrena angustior seem to be generally scarce, the reason is not known.


Found throughout England and Wales, though apparently absent from East Anglia. There are few records in Scotland or Ireland.

It is widespread in Europe.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not regarded as scarce or threatened.


A range of habitats, but especially at the edges of woodlands and in woodland clearings on light soils.

Flight period

Late April to mid June.

Pollen collected

Widely polylectic.

Nesting biology

A solitary nesting species, but has been reported in small aggregations.

Flowers visited

A wide range of late-spring flowers.


Nomada fabriciana (Linnaeus) has been reported as an associate, but this is an association with the burrows rather than a rearing record.

Author of profile

M Edwards.

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