Andrena ruficrus Nylander,1848


Andrena rufitarsis homonym Zetterstedt, 1838, Andrena (Euandrena) ruficrus rubicrus Hirashima, 1957

Description and notes

One of the smaller Andrena species, similar in size to the widespread A. bicolor Fabricius. It is unusual in being a northern species, and probably because of this its biology is rather poorly known, historically there being fewer people interested in aculeates in the northern parts of these islands.


Northwards from Yorkshire, with scattered records over much of Scotland.

It occurs in central and northern Europe, eastwards to the Caucasus. Also known from

Status (in Britain only)

Listed as Rare (RDB3) in both Shirt (1987) and Falk (1991).


Associated with sallows and also requiring areas of bare ground in the sun for nesting.

Flight period

Univoltine; March to June.

Pollen collected

Oligolectic on species of sallow.

Nesting biology

Nests in small aggregations in sunny patches of bare, or thinly vegetated, soil (N Robinson, pers. comm.)

Flowers visited

Recorded as visiting a wide variety of flowers for nectar.


No data available.

Author of profile

M Edwards.

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