Nomada flavoguttata (Kirby,1802)

Description and notes

This is one of the smallest species of Nomada and is widely distributed throughout Britain. A very common bee, although, owing to its very small size, it is easily overlooked.


Widely distributed throughout Britain, from southern England north to the Isle of Man and northern Scotland (Golspie, East Sutherland). In Ireland it occurs from Cork to Armagh and Down (Stelfox, 1927; Ronayne & O’Connor, 2003). Jersey is the only island in the Channel Islands where it has been reported, though not since 1903.

The Palaearctic range encompasses southern Fennoscandia, much of central and southern Europe east to Israel, Daghestan and Japan.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not regarded as scarce or threatened.


Generally distributed, occurring wherever its several host species are present.

Flight period

Depending on the flight periods of its host species, it can be either univoltine or bivoltine. It can be found from the end of March to late August.

Nesting biology

The species is a cleptoparasite of certain Andrena species in the subgenus Micrandrena. Those recorded are Andrena alfkenella Perkins, Andrena falsifica Perkins, Andrena minutula (Kirby), Andrena semilaevis Pérez and Andrena subopaca Nylander.

Flowers visited

Many different flowers are visited for nectar.


No data available.

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