Sphecodes hyalinatus von Hagens,1882


A widespread species. Occurring in England, Wales, Scotland, and Jersey in the Channel Islands. Also recorded from Ireland (O’Connor et al., 2009)

A Palaearctic species recorded mostly from Europe; north to northern Finland, south and east to Germany, Switzerland Poland and Hungary, but apparently also found in Kamchatka (eastern Russia) (S P M Roberts, pers. comm.).

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not regarded as scarce or threatened.


Found in the same habitats as its hosts, i.e. mainly calcareous grassland but also sandy heaths and moorland.

Flight period

Univoltine. The female flies from late April to late September or early October, the male from mid June to early October.

Pollen collected

As this is a cleptoparasite no pollen is collected.

Nesting biology

A cleptoparasite of Lasioglossum fulvicorne (Kirby) and L. fratellum (Pérez); no information is available on the parasitic behaviour.

Flowers visited

In Britain, found on Apiaceae, Asteraceae and Campanulaceae.


No data available.

Author of profile

G W Allen.

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