dufourea minuta ?

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dufourea minuta ?

hi,newbie here so apologies if I'm in the wrong bit. I have recently observed a very small bee (about 5 mm in length and 2mm wide) and wondered if it could be Dufourea minuta and if so is it common on the south coast of England ? Spotted in a group of burrows I haven't seen this species before and would welcome any help,unfortunately they are really difficult to photograph but I will endeavour to get a snap a.s.a.p.

Nigel Jones
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Probably not Duforea?


It's extremely unlikely to be Dufourea minuta. This is a great rarity, virtually unrecorded in Britain. It's far more likely to be one of the Halictid bees in the genus Lasioglossum, for which unfortunately a photo will probably not suffice for identification. If you do get photos you'll need to post them to iSpot for help with identifying: http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/3/og/forum/119



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