How many eggs do Leaf-cutters provision?

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How many eggs do Leaf-cutters provision?

I am masters student who is carrying out a study on how effective Bee Banks and Artifical Bee Boxes are for the conservation of solitary bees in Sandwell Valley. So far I have put up 7 Bee boxes around an RSPB site , all of which have been colonised by leaf cutters.  I have seen Megachile Willughbiella , Megachile Versicolor and possibly Megachile Centucularis provisioning leaf cuttings into different holes. Overall , I have seen atleast 54 holes with clear evidence of occupation across all 7 boxes, does anyone know how many eggs/ grubs one leaf cutter provisions in one hole? Does the number of eggs laid differ with each sub species and with changing enviromental conditions? 


I would greatly appreicate anyones knoweldge on this subject as it will allow me to estimate population sizes within the boxes 

Nigel Jones
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The depth of the tube that is used will constrain the number of individual cells made in any one tube. I don't have a definitive answer, but, of the tubes I have opened up, each has contained 6-8 cells. Longer tubes may well have facilitated more cells of course.

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