Bombus Hypnorum in loft

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Bombus Hypnorum in loft

I'm knew to this website so bear with me. I've noticed some bees in my loft that appear to be entering through a hole made for a tv aerial. I've only seen 4-5 in the loft but they appear to be crawling under a wooden board that is lying on top of some insulation. I've attached a picture. So a) should I just leave them until they die in autumn b) should I lift the board to take a closer look and see how many there really are? c) have I identified the bees correctly? They have the black head, ginger thorax and black abdomen of bombus hypnorum but hardly any white hairs on their abdomen - is this normal?

Any help gratefully received



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Bees In Your Loft

Hi Leigh,

I've just joined this site today and having read your post I was keen to know how this turned out for you, and whether you got confirmation as to the ID of the bees? I can't really offer anything further as to their ID, although they seem to have very dark wings, which I believe is a feature of the cuckoo type bumblebees.

I got a lot of tree bees in my garden this year, although they had pretty much disappeared by the end of July. I plan to place bird boxes in a variety of locations in order to encourage them to nest here next year, but I'm keen to expand on this with other suitable nesting options if possible so any information I can gather as to their preferred nesting conditions would be useful.

Kind regards,


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