Advice wanted on if this nest can be left to disperse naturally.

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Advice wanted on if this nest can be left to disperse naturally.

I have found a nest in my shed, I think they are a type of small hornet as they appear to be totally unfazed by my presence and have been non-aggressive on every occasion (4-6) I have entered the shed; I'm trying to decide if it needs treating or can be left. I'm happy to leave them to disperse in the autumn if it is a species which will not return to re-nest next year. I have a short video to allow for identification if anyone needs to see it?

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Nest can be left to disperse naturally

The nest you describe can be left to disperse naturally. Hornet nests are never very big. Males and new fertile females (rather than workers) emerge mainly in September. These fly off and mate. The fertilised females overwinter in sheltered sites such as houses, outbuildings or under bark, etc. The remaining workers in the nest die in October and early November. The nest in your shed will then be empty. When the fertilised queen emerges from hibernation next spring (April/May) she will establish a new colony in a different location.
Hornets are not normally aggressive and will not normally attack unless provoked. They can easily be observed from a distance provided you respect their peace. They are really beautiful creatures!
Steve F.
8 Sept 2015

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