Andrena nigroaenea nesting habits

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Ed Phillips
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Andrena nigroaenea nesting habits

I've been noticing Andrena nigroaenea females entering holes in the stone wall of my house. I think they are holes have been used by Anthophora plumipes and Osmia bicornis in the past. I've always assumed that Andrenas were primarily ground-nesting bees; there is a small colony A. nigroaenea using an adjacent garden area.

Is the use of vertical stone walls by Andrena bees reported commonly? I personally haven't seen other Andrena species doing this. Or could it be that they are just using the holes for "roosting"?

Nigel Jones
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Interesting. If you can watch

Interesting. If you can watch them and you see pollen laden females entering the wall, then I think that would strongly, if not conclusively, indicate they have nests inside the wall.

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