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Hi All,

I am aware that there are plenty of records on NBN for many of these, but they are often dated.  What I am after is recent info. where someone knows now where a species can be found.  I have limited time for this (this field season basically) plus, I may well have to make quite long journerys so I would like to be as sure as I can that I will find what I am looking for when I get there.  Your reward, acknowledgement in the book!  I will take only photographs and maybe a few specimens.  However, I am not collecting as such but getting photos for the book.


Thanks in advance for any help.

The species I need to find in the next 6 months or so (at various levels and for various reasons) are:

Lasius brunneus (saw one worker at Cobham)

Lasius alienus 

Lasius umbratus

Myrmica lobicornis 

Lasius platythorax 

Temnothorax nylanderi 

Myrmica schencki 

Myrmica sulcinodis 

Myrmica specioides 

Formicoxenus nitidulus (I have some good pointers from Elva Robinson )

Myrmecina graminicola 

Formica picea 

Lasius meridionalis 

Lasius mixtus 

Stenamma westwoodii 

Ponera coarctata 

Stenamma debile 

Myrmica karavajevi 

Tapinoma erraticum 

Formica pratensis 

Monomorium pharaonis 

Hypoponera punctatissima

Solenopsis fugax 

Temnothorax interruptus (all my many nests at Dungeness were albipennis)

Strongylognathus testaceus

Lasius sabularum 

Myrmica lonae 

Myrmica hirsuta 

Lasius emarginatus 

Lasius neglectus 

Ponera testacea 

Tapinoma subboreale 

Hypoponera ergatandria 

Lasius myops

Linepithema humile 

Myrmica vandeli 

Plagiolepis taurica 

Temnothorax unifasciatus 

Tetramorium atratulum 

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