Anthophora plumipes global research project

BWARS is collaborating with Dr Jakub Straka of the Aculeate Research Group, Charles University, PRAGUE in providing specimens of Anthophora plumipes for his extended study into understanding the relationships between the populations of the bee in Japan and Europe. The Prague team also hopes to see if there is any genetic diversification between the Japanese populations and those in the USA (which are derived from Japanese stock).

By including the distinctive British material in this work it is hoped that information can be gathered on the size and nature of physical barriers to dispersal, and how effective they are. In 2013 the sampling will concentrate on populations from regions other than the UK so if members who are visiting the Mediterranean and north Africa are interested in collaboration, please contact Dr. Straka.

Jakub has organised sampling of as many populations of this bee as possible from across its entire global range, and we are delighted to be able to be of assistance.

Details of the microsatellite loci can be found here

Černá K. & Straka J - 2012