Artificial early emergence of Andrena scotica

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Artificial early emergence of Andrena scotica

I got a call from one of my friends at Edinburgh Zoo last December to say that a swarm of bees had emerged in their new meerkat enclosure and could I come and take a look.
The new enclosure had been built on an existing south facing rock face and the bees had suddenly emerged within the last few days. Entering the enclosure it was clear what had happened. The heating had recently been turned on and the interior was a balmy 25°C. This had clearly caused the early emergence of an entire colonies worth of, what turned out to be Andrena scotica. When I visited there was about 40 bees flying around the enclosure which were ultimately doomed due to the lack of forage either in the enclosure or the wider environment at that time.
Colonies of A. scotica are common in this area of Edinburgh with numerous colonies taking up residence in the old estate walls that border both the zoo and nearby Corstorphine hill.