Bombus hypnorum and Vespula vulgaris interaction

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Bombus hypnorum and Vespula vulgaris interaction

My parents who own a small suburban garden are lucky enough to have a nest of Bombus pratorum and Bombus hypnorum in the garden. The Bombus hypnorum nest is in a birdbox and what is interesting is that it is within just five feet of a very active Vespula vulgaris nest in an adjacent roof. At the moment both species seem to tolerate each other with no major interaction between them. What I was wondering and welcome any input from other forum members, is that as the wasp colony grows, is there potential for the adult wasps to try and raid the Bombus hypnorum nest for the grubs to feed to their own young? Has anyone else had a similar situation in their own garden or know of someone else who has.

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Stuart Roberts
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I suspect the opportunities for interaction will be few. The B. hypnorum colonies are fully mature now as they are clearly producing sexuals - activity will cease within the next couple of weeks. This is long before the social wasp colonies reach maximum size - something I don't anticipate in the cavity nesting species until October.

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