Helping a Carpenter Bee

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Helping a Carpenter Bee

Dear all,
I live in Austria where we are currently approaching winter with temperatures around 5C currently. 2 days ago I found what I identified as a Blue Carpenter Bee, which I understand from my research is an endangered species in Europe. See attached photo.

I found it on our lawn hardly moving, but suspecting that it may only be cold not dying, I brought it inside to warm up. It is definitely alive but I think it was trying to find a hiberation spot.

How can I keep it alive and help it hibernate?

My internet research has not produced any help on this topic.

Thank you for ANY assistance you can give me!


Nigel Jones
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Cold place

Put it in a sheltered cold place to settle down to hibernate. Underneath a shed or in an unheated garage may work.

stalisfield (not verified)
Cold place

I have put it under a partly decomposed old tree trunk with leaves & bark all around to protect from winds etc. I tried giving it some sugar water but didn't work. Thanks for the tip!

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