Hi. Can anyone help me with these please?

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Hi. Can anyone help me with these please?

I've spent the past two to three years trying to make my garden as bee-friendly as I can.
I've planted a wide range of different plants, grasses, fruit bushes and meadow flowers to attract a variety of bees, wasps, butterflies and mini beasts; and recently caught these little critters on camera.
However, I don't know what they are. I've looked about, and think they're possibly mating Beewolfs, but can anyone please help out with a correct I.D?

Cheers :)

Nigel Jones
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Hornet clearwings

These are hornet clearwings Sesia apiformis (moths) - very good wasp mimics in fact.

alix (not verified)
Many thanks

*Bows down*
Thank you so much for putting me out of my misery. Moths! I was truly barking up the wrong tree.
Cheers :)

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