hyperactive wasps

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hyperactive wasps

Late Spring saw a very calm pottering queen wasp house hunting amongst a grassy mound at the edge of a hedge. The area covered a laberinth of gaps between old rotting wood and dumped turfs. Over the following months the ground entrance became bigger. To date it measures approx 10 x 8cm oval. These wasps unseen must have excavated the earth and trimmed the vegetation.
This morning, and typical of the last 6 to 8 weeks, it is like a busy 'A' road. Whenever you watch it at least 4 sometimes 8 ineects are entering and exiting. The activity is phenominal!
The workers are larger now but initially small.
The rules of the road seem to be well imprinted: almost all leave and enter on a 60' angle. Slowing at the entrance and seemingly respecting those in front.
The speed of the wasps is beyond my photographic skills. A blur in the entrance is all I can achieve.