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ID help required

We live in N Yorks and found this strange bee!?. It sounded like a bee, it was the size of a bee, but black with a white back and seemed to have been struggling to fly, but going from flower to flower. The next day it was back but unlike other bees you can crouch down and watch them. This one seemed very timid and flew off the minute I tried to get anywhere near it to take a better picture.
The only thing that it looks to relate to on the internet is a Bot Fly but it seems that the internet suggests they are not found in the uk.
Have you any ideas for us please?

Nigel Jones
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You'll need to post to iSpot:

You'll need to post to iSpot: for help with identifications.



Nigel Jones


Matt Smith
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Best guess - a pollen covered dark form Bombus hypnorum.

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