An introduction to Eumenid and Social wasps (BENHS)

A BENHS beginners day led by Mike Edwards (Midhurst). The day will start with an illustrated discussion of the natural history and morphology of these wasps and then move to the microscopes for identification; using specimens held at Dinton Pastures, but also anything brought along by participants. This is a chance to gain an understanding of these cosmopolitan wasps and to start getting to grips with the main taxonomic features. RES have recently published (2014) - The Vespoid Wasps Vol. 6 Part 6 M.E. Archer; bringing a copy would be advantageous.

The workshop starts at 10.30 and continues until 16.00.

Venue: The Pelham-Clinton Building, Dinton Pastures Country Park, Davis Street, Hurst, Reading RG10 0TH

For further details contact Mike Edwards on ammophila[at]

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

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9th April 2016