Wasps needed for ITV filming (you will get paid!)

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Wasps needed for ITV filming (you will get paid!)

Hello all,

I've got a slightly unusual enquiry, but hopefully someone can help me.

ITV's Creative department are looking to get hold of some wasps to film with. Is anyone able to get access to a load of wasps or a wasp's nest or does anybody have any contacts who might be able to help?

We're filming on either Tues 14th May in London or it might be in Jersey on Sat 18th May (one of those anyway).

The idea is to film the wasps landing on and eating some cakes in a cake shop!

Thanks a lot and let me know,



Nigel Jones
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Hello Tom,

You might struggle with this as 18 May is a bit early for finding wasp nests, particularly this year, as the season is running very late. Queen wasps that build the nests that later get populated with lots of wasps are only just emerging from hibernation. They will need to start nests that will take some time to build, then become populated with daughter wasps. I think 18 days time will be too soon.


That said, your best bet will be to contact pest control officers/companies, particularly in London, where the warmer climate helps insects to get going a little earlier than in other areas. Pest control officers often have to remove nests from buildings, so may be able to help you.

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