Weighing Bees

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Weighing Bees


I am a student at the Open University doing a degree in Environmental Science. I am about to undertake a project/investigation into pollinating insects. As part of the investigation I will be recording the weights of Bumblebees which (as far as I can gather) range between 0.05g and 0.90g.

Does anyone have experience of recording the weights of insects and if so can anyone recommend a budget set of scales that give sufficient precision/accuracy for this purpose?

Given the nature of the project I would not need the highest levels of accuracy but accurate enough to provide usable data. Obviously laboratory quality scales are too expensive for a short project like this. Jewellers scales are available at 0.001g increments but I have been unable to find anyone that has used them for entomology research that could give me some feedback.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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Weighing bees

Simon Saxton might be able to help as he weighs red mason bees & has posted pictures of them on his scales. You can find him on Twitter:

Simon Saxton@saxton_simon.

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