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2019 BWARS AGM final programme

PDF icon FINAL Programme for BWARS members weekend 2019.pdf

Key to Wasps of the family Vespidae - corrected version 4
Issued 26 September 2019

This is a corrected version of the key to Vespidae wasps, issued in the BWARS Newsletter (Spring 2019 issue).

The correction relates to one character which had been transposed in the male Dolichovespula part of the key.

Male Vespula are now excluded from the key as it has become apparent that more work is required regarding separating the species rleiably.

PDF icon Vespine wasps key_v5.pdf

A list of all the present known species concepts - March 2020.

File All_current_known_species_concepts_March_2020.xlsx

2019 Species list with current BWARS concepts.

File 2019_May_Species_list_current_concept.xlsx

All the references given in the species account pages up to Atlas 10 - 2019.

PDF icon Species_Account_References_2019.pdf

Corrections to the Handbook of the Bees of the British Isles. Issued January 2019

PDF icon Else Edwards Bees of British Isles_corrections file Sept_2019.pdf

Membership Renewal

PDF icon Membership renewal_2020.pdf

Membership Application

PDF icon Membership Application _2020.pdf

BWARS Members Weekend - programme 2018

PDF icon Programme for BWARS members weekend 2018.pdf

Invitation to 2018 BWARS AGM & members weekend

PDF icon Invitation to BWARS members weekend Autumn 2018 (2).pdf

Species concept dictionary spreadhseet BWARS 2019

File Species_concept_dictionary_spreadhseet_BWARS_2019.xlsx

Species or species concept? An explanation

PDF icon Species or species concept.pdf

Species concept dictionary BWARS 2019

PDF icon BWARS_species_concept dictionary_2019.pdf

Notes and references for Species Concept Dictionary comments (BWARS 2017)

PDF icon Notes and References for species dictionary comments.pdf

Branstetter, M.G. et al. Phylogenomic Insights into the Evolution of Stinging Wasps and the Origins of Ants and Bees

PDF icon Branstetter et al (2017) Phylogenetic insights into the evolution of stinging wasps, bees and ants.pdf

Vikberg, V.V. A re-evaluation of five European species of Spilomena with a key to European species and relevance to the fauna of North Europe, especially Finland (Hymenoptera: Pemphredonidae)

PDF icon Vikberg_2000_Spilomena.pdf

Dvořák, L. &  Roberts, S.P.M. Key to the paper and social wasps of Central Europe (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

PDF icon Dvorak & Roberts_2006_Wasp_keys.pdf

Notton, D.G. and Norman, H. Hawk's-Beard Nomad Bee, Nomada facilis, New to Britain (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

PDF icon Notton & Norman_2017_Nomada facilis.pdf

Seiffert, B. Clarifying naming and identification of the outdoor species of the ant genus Tapinoma FÖRSTER, 1850 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Europe north of the Mediterranean region with description of a new species

PDF icon Seifert 2012.Tapinoma subboreale.pdf

Csősz, S. and Seifert, B. Ponera Testacea Emery, 1895 Stat. N. – A Sister Species of P. Coarctata (Latreille, 1802) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

PDF icon Csosz and Seifert 2003 - Ponera testacea P. coarctata.pdf