BWARS AGM and Members’ Day

Sunday 24th October 2021 10:00 am

Meeting to be held via Zoom

The event is free to members, but you are asked to register in advance by email to the Membership Secretary, Louise Hutchinson (address on BWARS website Contacts page, or in BWARS Newsletter) by Sat 16th Oct. 2021. An email with link will be sent to attendees a few days prior to the event.

AGM Agenda

There will be the opportunity to ask short questions via the Chat function on Zoom.

Voting will take place ‘en bloc’ at the end of each section, via Zoom poll. The poll question will read: ‘On the motion before us, do you agree?’ and the options will be ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘abstain’.

  1. Introduction to Tanyptera 10:00
    Leanna Dixon will introduce the Tanyptera project and explain housekeeping in terms of Zoom.
  2. Welcome
    The Chair, Louise Hislop, will take the chair to introduce the business ofthe day and explain the voting procedure.

  3. Apologies

  4. Minutes of the 2019 AGM
    These have been circulated in the Spring 2020 Newsletter.

  5. Matters arising from 2019 Minutes
    (please submit any additional matters arising to Chair by 16th Oct)

    Motion 1: To accept the Minutes of the 2019 AGM

  6. Officers’ Reports

    a) Chair – Louise Hislop
    b) Treasurer – Gemma Baron
    c) Membership Secretary – Louise Hutchinson
    d) Questions (via Chat)
    e) Vote on Officer's Reports

    Motion 2: To accept the Officers’ Reports

  7. Election of Committee Members

    Voting for the committee members is proposed to be ‘en bloc’

    a) Officers for re-election to post: Chair, Secretary (Clare Boyes), Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Data Manager (Mike Edwards).
    b) Ordinary Members: Richard Dawson to be ratified as 4th Ordinary Member, Liam Olds, Ellen Lamborn and Liam Crowley to continue.
    c) Standing down: Graham Collins
    d) Standing down as BENHS link Lizzie Peat; nomination Richard Dawson.
    e) Independant Accounts Checker for re-election: Jae Porter.

    If anyone wishes to put themselves forward for an Officer post, please send nomination to Chair by 15th Oct.

    f) Ex-officio Members (all Continuing): Social Media Secretary: Matt Smith, Website: Nigel Jones, Mike Fox, Newsletter Editor: Jeremy Early; Enquiries Secretary: Ryan Clark, Data Development: Rowan Edwards. LRC Link: Lizzy Peat
    g) Vote on Officers

    Motion 3: To elect the proposed Committee Members

  8. Proposed changes to Constitution

    a) Proposed changes as notified in full in Newsletter Spring 2021 and on BWARS website

    b) Vote on Constitution

    Motion 4: To accept the proposed changes to BWARS Constitution.

  9. AOB

    This should be for emergency items only. If you wish to bring an item to the notice of the meeting, please send details to Chair by 16th Oct, so that it can be added to the agenda

11:35 Comfort break


Talks/Presentations Programme

(20 mins plus 10 mins Q&A each)

11:45 From Field to Point (mounting ants)
Matt Hamer

12:15 Phenology, voltinism and dietary choice in Andrena: global perspectives
Tom Wood

12:45 Comfort break

13:00 Genome sequencing UK aculeates
Liam Crowley

13:30 Aculeates in Wales
Liam Olds

14:00 Closing Remarks

MAPS and species concepts.

The majority of species now have distribution maps on their profile pages.




  • Black dots are 1990 to present;
  • grey dots 1960 to 1989;
  • open dots pre 1960.


For further infomation about maps and species concepts go HERE

The BWARS website contains pages for each British and Irish species of bee, wasp and ant. Most pages contain a detailed account, photos, distribution map, life history and conservation status. Features such as videos and identification advice are being added over time.

You can find species accounts in three ways

  • Browse through the Species
  • Select a species from the A-Z of species
  • Type a species name into the search box at the top right of any page or the search box at the top left of the A-Z of species

More ways to explore the site...

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Recording during the coronavirus crisis

During the Coronavirus crisis, members are encouraged to keep more detailed records in their own gardens or local area, perhaps recording everything they see, or targeting one species and recording every observation, not just the first of even common and under-recorded taxa.  This would provide a data pattern we don't currently have.

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