Beginners Guide to Solitary Bees & Wasps

Join Adrian Knowles, bee & wasp expert on this fascinating day. Adrian is the Suffolk county recorder for bees, wasps & ants. You will learn about the ecology & lifecycle of solitary bees & wasps, nest sites, artificial nest boxes and pollinator-friendly plants. There are some 200 species of wild bees in the UK, called solitary bees because they make individual nest cells for their larvae. Some species nest in tunnels or holes in the ground, sandy banks and crumbling mortar while others use the hollow stems of dead plants such as bramble.

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23 July 2017

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Sun, 23/07/2017

Colletes hederae; 2016

Colletes hederae map: 10 October 2016

Male from North Wootton, Norfolk (vc28)

Photo: Michelle Bantoft


The map shows all the records received up to the end of 2015 with records received in 2016 now appearing in red

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Start of Year 2016:                

Occupied Grid Cells 338        Occupied Grid Cells 429

New Grid Cells 0                    New Grid Cells  91

Records for year 0                 Records for year   541

Production of mud by Ancistrocerus wasp

Watching Ancistrocerus wasps nest-making in my garden bee-hotel over recent years, I had assumed that they collected mud from damp areas (in a similar way to Osmia bicornis). Last year, I was able to follow a wasp from the bee-hotel to its "collecting point" and saw that it was collecting dry soil particles. This year I witnessed the same thing, with an Ancistrocerus wasp repeatedly returning to the same point. I was able to get a series of photographs from one visit showing her collecting individual soil granules (the soil was bone dry) and then flying off with a wet mud-ball.


Species Gallery and Accounts


With the launch of the NBN's Living Atlas and the closure of the NBN Gateway maps, currently it is not possible to display maps from NBN data. We hope this will soon be resolved and maps restored to the species accounts. Please be patient - we have around 900,000 records to upload, so the wait will be worth it!

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