Aculeate excel checklist + taxon designations...

I'm looking to update the Lancashire checklist for aculeates. I probably have most of the recorded sps for the two Vice Counties but could do with an excel checklist - similar to the BWARS site (national) checklist document - which has an additional column or addition of the cited taxon authority in brackets / italics for each sps (       ).

Anyone know if such a thing exists?...Before I start typing them out.


Cheers, Ben Hargreaves.


Possible affect of Harlequin Ladybirds on Ants and Wasps

Last year I noted a change in local ant and wasp populations in my garden and nearby allotment.

For the last seven or eight years the plum trees in both areas have been heavily infested by aphids.   These were well attended by the usual black ants.   As the season developed wasps also clearly had a great interest in the trees.   So much so that I had to be wary when doing any light pruning.


Bee Workshop with Steven Falk at Elsecar

The day will be led by Steven Falk one of Britain’s foremost experts of bees and other pollinators. Steven recently wrote the first ever field guide to British bees and is also well known as an insect illustrator.  Join us for our fantastic day looking at wild bees up close using microscopes and also learn more about their behaviour, ecology and conservation.

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28 March 2018

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Wed, 28/03/2018


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