Key to Wasps of the family Vespidae - corrected version

Key to Wasps of the family Vespidae - corrected version 4
Issued 26 September 2019

This is a corrected version of the key to Vespidae wasps, issued in the BWARS Newsletter (Spring 2019 issue).

The correction relates to one character which had been transposed in the male Dolichovespula part of the key.

Male Vespula are now excluded from the key as it has become apparent that more work is required regarding separating the species rleiably.


Gasteruption jaculator film and question

I have some impressive footage of a Gasteruption jaculator ovipositing inside a common yellow face bee cell inside my observation nest box and the filming of the larvae eating bee larvae/forage and cannibalism with its Gj neighbour! Has anyone any proof positive, papers, similar that this species actually uses O. bicornis as a host? I cannot find any other than one found that is German in German. The film will be on my web site as I await more developments.


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