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New checklist of British aculeates

A revised and updated checklist of the UK aculeate fauna has just been published covering all of the species of interest to BWARS. The checklist compiled after much painstaking work by George R. Else, Barry Bolton & Gavin R. Broad can be downloaded freely from the Biodiversity Data Journal at:


Bees of Great Britain and Ireland published

BWARS member Steven Falk's much anticipated Field Guide to Bees of Great Britain and Ireland has been published.  This is the first extensive guide to all the British and Irish bee species since Edward Saunder's 1896 tome - The Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British Islands. The new field guide is 432 pages, with keys, species accounts and many photographs of nearly every species. In addition there are many illustrations by renowned insect illustrator Richard Lewington.

New key to Chrysididae available

A superbly illustrated key to the Chrysididae of the Nordic and Baltic countries (in English) is available as a free download. It should provide a very useful aid to identifying wasps in the family Chrysididae. The key includes all the British mainland species apart from Chrysis rutiliventris* . It can be downloaded here

* C. vanlithi - treated as a subspecies of C. rutiliventris by some authors - is included in the key.


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