Chrysis schencki Linsenmaier,1968 iso. Morgan 1984

Description and notes

Identification keys and biology are given in Morgan (1984) and Archer (2003). Kunz (1994) treats C. schencki as a synonym of C. ignita, while Linsenmaier (1997) treats this taxon as a subspecies of C. ignita.


Sparingly recorded from Devon to Kent, north to Cambridgeshire and including the Isles of Scilly.

Overseas, Linsenmaier (1997) gives Europe to central Asia, Siberia and Japan.

Status (in Britain only)

Not listed in Shirt 1987, but given as Notable A (now known as Nationally Scarce A) by Falk (1991).


No specific information.

Flight period

May to September.

Flowers visited

No specific information found.


No specific information found.

Parasitic biology

Host(s) unknown.

Author of profile

M E Archer.