Chrysis terminata Dahlbohm, 1854

Description and notes

Added to the British list by Wood and Baldock (2016).


Pending re-assesssment of records of Chrysis ignita the distribution of C. terminata is poorly understood. However initial redeterminations of material indicate that this is likely to be a frequently occuring species in many areas of Britain.

Records are known from Farnham in Surrey and from Shropshire. In Shropshire around 70% of specimens previously regarded as C. ignita were redetermined as

C. terminata, with specimens originating from five sites all within ten miles of Shrewsbury.
No distribution map is available at June 2016


C. terminata is readily separated from other Chrysis species by the presence of four distinct and evenly spaced tubercles protruding from the brow carina - clearly seen when viewed from above, against a white background - see images below.

Photo (Nigel Jones) Head of Chrysis terminata with tubercles on thebrow ridge arrowed.
Stevenshill woodland, Cound, Shropshire -21 June 2004.