Chrysura radians (Harris,1776)

Description and notes

In older literature this species is referred to as Chrysis pustulosa Abeille de Perrin. Identification keys and general biology are given in Morgan (1984), Falk (1991) and Kunz (1994).


Cornwall to Kent, and north to South Yorkshire. The species is widespread but rarely found (M Edwards, pers. comm.).

Overseas: Europe, Turkey, Syria, Arabia, Caucasus, Siberia, north Africa.

Status (in Britain only)

Listed in Falk (1991) as Notable A.


This species occurs in a variety of open, sunny habitats. It is usually seen around old wooden posts, stumps and dead trees where its host nests.

Flight period

Probably univoltine. Adults mainly fly from May until July, rarely in August and September.


No information available.

Parasitic biology

A parasitoid on wood-nesting species of Osmia, possibly O. leaiana. See Chrysura hirsuta for further details. 

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