Crabro scutellatus (von Scheven,1781)


Sphex scutularius (SCHREBER, 1784); Crabro pterotus PANZER, 1801; Ceratocolus reticulates (LEPELETIER & BRULLE, 1835)


Restricted to southern England.

Status (in Britain only)

The species is listed as Nationally Notable (Na) in Falk (1991). Work for this Atlas has shown that it may not be as uncommon as was previously thought.


Crabro scutellatus is a very local inhabitant of the diminishing lowland heaths of southern England, its range confined to suitable locations. Males are best sought as they fly around and settle on the foliage of trees and bushes within the habitat.

Flight period

The species flies from mid-June to mid-August.

Prey collected

Adult Dolichopodidae (Diptera).

Nesting biology

Requirements are very narrowly defined, and are mainly associated with dry, sloping exposures adjacent to damp heathland and bogland, the habitat of its principal prey. In such areas the nest burrows often form small aggregations. Some nesting sites may be a considerable distance from a source of suitable flies.

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