Miscophus ater Lepeletier,1845

Description and notes

A revised key to the now three British species of Miscophus has been published by Knowles and Else (2005). Male M. ater are not always readily separated from dark specimens of male M. concolor on gaster colour alone, but the closeness of the punctation on the frons seems to be a reliable, if subtle, character for which comparative material is useful.


Records indicate that this small wasp is restricted to Kent and East Sussex in mainland Britain, plus records from Jersey. Lomholdt (1984) suggests that it has been recorded from most European countries.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is Red Data Book listed as RDB2 (Vulnerable) in Falk (1991).


In Britain at least, this small wasp appears to be restricted to coastal sand dunes.

Flight period

Both Falk (1991) and Richards (1980) give June to August; the few specimens in the BMNH were all taken in August.

Prey collected

Small spiders are taken as prey, in keeping with the genus as a whole.

Nesting biology

Relatively little seems to be known about the nesting biology of this species. Nests are excavated in loose, sandy ground.

Flowers visited

No data available.


No data available.

Author of profile

A P Knowles.