Nitela lucens Gayubo & Felton,2000

Description and notes

Misidentified as Nitela spinolae by Felton (1987).


The species is more widely distributed than its congener N. borealis. It occurs in south and south-east
England, including Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Nitela lucens is widely distributed from central to southern Europe (particularly in the Iberian Peninsula). It is known from Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Greece. Also known from Tunisia.

Status (in Britain only)

Listed as Rare (RDB3) in Shirt (1987) and as Insufficiently Known (pRDBK) by Falk (1991).


Has been found in gardens and waste land areas.

Flight period

Mid-May to early September.

Prey collected

Females have been captured carrying psocid nymphs (Psocoptera) as prey (pers. obs.). It is possible that the species will also prey on aphids.

Nesting biology

The species has been found nesting in small holes in old walls, e.g. nail holes and cracks in mortar (pers. obs.), and in abandoned insect burrows in dead wood. The nesting biology of N. lucens otherwise appears similar to that of N. borealis (q.v.).

Flowers visited

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Author of profile

G W Allen.