Tachysphex psammobius (Kohl, 1880)

Description and notes

This species is not covered by Lomholdt (1984), since it is not a Fenno-Scandinavian species.


In the British Isles only known from the Channel Islands, and not seen there recently.

It occurs throughout central and southern Europe, through Turkey, Kazakhstan to Siberia (Dollfuss, 1991), with Bitsch et al. (2001) adding the USA.

Status (in Britain only)

The Channel Islands are, for a number of reasons, excluded from the geographical coverage of the British Red Data book (Shirt, 1987) and the subsequent review (Falk, 1991).


No data available.

Flight period

Dollfuss (1991) gives May to August for continental examples.

Prey collected

Kurczewski (1987), in America, notes the collection of very small grasshoppers.

Nesting biology

No data available for the British Isles. Kurczewski (1987) states that a short tunnel is excavated with a terminal cell in which up to 11 prey items are stored.

Flowers visited

No data available.


No data available.

Author of profile

A Knowles.

Map compiled by: A Knowles and S P M Roberts.

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