Stigmus solskyi Morawitz, 1864


Stigmus europaeus Tsuneki, 1954; Stigmus verhoeffi Tsuneki, 1954.

Description and notes

This is by far the more common species of Stigmus in Britain.


Current records come from South Devon to Kent and northwards to Yorkshire. Richards (1980) gives Cornwall in addition, with the range extending to Staffordshire and North Lincolnshire.

Lomholdt (1984) states that the species is uncommon but widespread in Fennoscandia and Denmark, spreading through central and northern Europe eastwards to Kazakhstan.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not considered to be threatened in Britain.


Nesting sites comprise beetle holes in dead wood or hollow plant stems, so the wasp may be present where such material is found including gardens, parks, open woodland and similar places.

Flight period

June to August (Richards 1980) although the current data set includes records in mid-September from Tunbridge Wells.

Prey collected

Nest cells are provisioned with aphids.

Nesting biology

Nesting sites comprise beetle holes in dead wood and also hollow plant stems and branches.

Flowers visited

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