Aphelopus melaleucus (Dalman,1818)


Devon to Kent and north to Cheshire and Co. Durham, Wales (Denbighshire, Swansea), widespread in Scotland from Dumfries & Galloway to Highlands.

Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, Austria, Nederlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Armenia, Siberia, Cyprus, Lebanon.

Status (in Britain only)



Probably occurs in a wide variety of habitats including Deciduous Woodlands, Gardens, Parks, Heathland, Fenland, Moorland



Flight period

Adults are active from May until August less so during April and September.

Prey collected

Acting as a parasitoid/predator on Leaf Hoppers Typhloybinae (Cicadellidae (Leafhoppers). Hosts in Britain: (Alnetoidea almeti (Dahlbom), Dryocyha carri (Edwards), Edwardsiana avellanae (Edwards), E. flavescens (Fabricius), E. geometrica (Schanck), E. hippocastoni (Edwards), E. rosae (Linnaeus), Fagocyba crueata ((Herrich-Schäffer), Ossiannilssonola callosa (Thon),Riautiana ulmi (Linnaeus), Typhlocyba quercus Fabricius), Bred from Typhlocyba crataegi.



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M E Archer

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