Gonatopus clavipes (Thunberg,1827)




Description and notes

Also known as sepsoides Westwood in Richards (1939) and Perkins (1976) and barbutellus (Richards, 1939) in  Perkins (1976).


Distributed through England, Wales (Glamorganshire, Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Gwynedd, Anglesey, Flintshire) Scotland (Highlands) and Jersey.

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Nederlands, Belgium, Greece, France, Italy, Canary Islands, Russia,  Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Korea, Mongolia.

Status (in Britain only)



Variety of habitats including Sandy Woodlands, Coastal Soft Cliffs, Sand Dunes, Chalk Grassland, Dry Acid Grassland.

Flight period

Adults are mainly active during June, July and August, also September, but rarely during May and November.

Prey Collected and nesting biology

Parasitoid/Predator of Delphacidae (Leaf-Hoppers). Hosts in U.K.: Euscelis incises (Kirchbaum), Streptanus sordidus (Zetterstedt), Elymana sulphurella (Zetterstedt), Reccilia coronifera (marshall), Arocphales punctum (Flor), A. pascuellus (Fallén), Jassargus distinguendus (Flor), J. fori (Fieber), Psammotettix confinis (Dahlbom), P. nodosus (Ribant), P. striatus (Linnaeus), Sorhoanus assilis (Fallén), Deltocephalus sp.

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