Odynerus simillimus Morawitz,1867

Description and notes

Little is known about the very rare O. simillimus. See Odynerus spinipes for literature on this species.


Odynerus simillimus has been recorded from marshy areas in East Anglia, but until its rediscovery in 1986 (Archer, 1989) it was considered to be extinct in Britain.

Status (in Britain only)

Listed as Extinct (RDB1+) in Shirt (1987), but Falk (1991) provisionally placed it in the Endangered (pRDB1) category.


Coastal grazing marsh and the fens of East Anglia.

Flight period

The adults of O. simillimus have been seen during June and July.

Nesting biology

Probably similar to O. spinipes (q.v.). However, the 'chimney' over the entrance to the burrow is much shorter - only about 5 mm long (Blüthgen, 1961; Spradbery, 1973).

Author of profile

M E Archer.

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