Lasius sabularum (Bondroit, 1918)

Description and notes

Lasius sabularum is one of the Lasius species with yellow workers. It is very similar to L. mixtus. It differs in having 2 or 3 sub-erect hairs on hind tibia. Males have serrated mandibles. This species has been re-established and redefined by Seifert (1988).


Distribution map

Scattered records across England, Wales and Ireland

It occurs across the western Palaearctic.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not regarded as scarce or threatened.


More often found in parks and gardens but also in agricultural land and meadows.

Flight period

July to October. Sometimes alates over-winter and fly in May.

Foraging behaviour

They forage underground on small invertebrates and tend root-feeding aphids

Nesting biology

Nests are founded by taking over a nest of Lasius niger (Linnaeus) and probably other Lasius species.

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M G Fox

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