BWARS Members’ Weekend 16–17th September 2023 

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sat 16th – Workshops, help with specimen identification or work at your own pace (microscopes in the lab; spaces are limited so please book early).

Sun 17th – AGM followed by Presentations on varied topics

The event is free to members, but please book your place in advance by email to the Secretary (contact details on website and in BWARS Newsletter) by Fri 1st Sept.   Details of meeting points etc will be sent to attendees by email prior to the event.

Programme details to follow once finalised.

Our first face-to-face meeting since lockdown and it’s shaping up to be an exciting mix; we hope you can join us!

MAPS and species concepts.

The majority of species now have distribution maps on their profile pages.






species name: iso. source : year of publication

iso: in the sense of

source: author of the species description and key

year: year of publication of species description and key

(NB. This is NOT the date of the map. Most maps include records up to 2020)


Darkest green squares are 2015 to present;

Dark green squares are 2005 to 2014;

Light green squares are 1995 to 2004;

Palest green squares are pre 1995.

For further infomation about maps and species concepts go HERE

The BWARS website contains pages for each British and Irish species of bee, wasp and ant. Most pages contain a detailed account, photos, distribution map, life history and conservation status. Features such as videos and identification advice are being added over time.

You can find species accounts in three ways

  • Browse through the Species
  • Select a species from the A-Z of species
  • Type a species name into the search box at the top right of any page or the search box at the top left of the A-Z of species

More ways to explore the site...

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