List of British and Irish aculeate Hymenoptera

The spreadsheet that you can download here contains a list of British and Irish aculeates used by BWARS. This is a list of species and their names, recognised as being present in Great Britain and Ireland, drawn from work being undertaken by Gavin Broad (Natural History Museum), Barry Bolton, George Else, John Burn, Mike Edwards and Rowan Edwards. The list contains our best understanding of accepted names for species (species concepts), although in a few cases some confusion around names remains.

The spreadsheet is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet - this will open in MS and Open Office or Libre Office,  freely available office applications.
List of British and Irish aculeate Hymenoptera (May 2019)

All species concepts

'The file below includes all known concepts (not just the currently accepted concepts in the file above) for all British species of aculeates, as well as providing the current understanding (concept) for each. The Synonyms are in pale red shading on the left side of the sheet and the Current name on the right side in pale green shading.

List of all present known species concepts May 2019