BWARS are pleased to make the following files available as free downloads.


A key to the British Chrysididae by Micahel Archer

PDF icon Key-British_Chrysid_Wasps.pdf

A spreadsheet containing all species concepts known to BWARS - updated 20 August 2020

File All_known_species_concepts_August_2020.xlsx

Dipterists Forum Field Week 2021 Invitation

PDF icon DF_Cornwall_invite.pdf

A list of all the species recorded by David Baldock from Farnham Heath

PDF icon Farnham Heath species list.pdf

List of British and Irish aculeate Hymenoptera, providing BWARS' currently accepted concepts (February 2020) PDF

PDF icon BWARS_species_list_iso_February_2020.pdf

The water-dropwort mining bee, Andrena ampla Warncke (Hymenoptera: Apidae), New to Britain

PDF icon Final Ampla paper BENHS.pdf

Dusky-horned Nomad Bee, Nomada bifasciata, New to Britain (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

PDF icon FinaNomadaBifasciatalPaper.pdf

A visual guide to distinguishing ‘midriffed’ white-tails and their dark forms by Steven Falk

PDF icon DistinguishingMidriffedWhiteTails.pdf

Presentation notes on Sphecodes identification by Steven Falk. Made for an identification workshop at the 2019 BWARS AGM.


A visual guide to distinguishing white-tailed bumblebees by Steven Falk

PDF icon DistinguishingWhite-tails_SFalk.pdf

A visual guide to distinguishing Bombus vestalis and B. bohemicus by Steven Falk

PDF icon DistinguishingVestalisBohemicus_SFalk.pdf

A visual guide to distinguishing male cuckoo bumblebees by Steven Falk

PDF icon DistinguishingMaleCuckooBees_SFalk.pdf

A visual guide to distinguishing carder bumblebees by Steven Falk

PDF icon DistinguishingCarderBeesArrows_SFalk.pdf

A visual guide to distinguishing black bodied, red tailed bumblebees by Steven Falk

PDF icon DistinguishingBlackBodiedRedTails_SFalk.pdf

Workshop presentation given by Juho Paukkunen at the BWARS Members' Weekend 2019. The presentation outlines key characters for separating the 13 British species of the cryptic Chrysis ignita group. Juho cautioned that colour characters given in the Nordic and Baltic Chrysididae key (Paukkunen et al., 2015) are not reliable for British specimens:

Juho Paukkunen, Alexander Berg, Villu Soon, Frode Ødegaard and Paolo Rosa. 2015 An illustrated key to the cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) of the Nordic and Baltic countries, with description of a new species.

The full Nordic/ Baltic key can be downloaded here


PDF icon Chrysis_workshop_2019_Juho_Paukkunen (2).pdf

2019 BWARS AGM final programme

PDF icon FINAL Programme for BWARS members weekend 2019.pdf

Key to Wasps of the family Vespidae - corrected version 4
Issued 26 September 2019

This is a corrected version of the key to Vespidae wasps, issued in the BWARS Newsletter (Spring 2019 issue).

The correction relates to one character which had been transposed in the male Dolichovespula part of the key.

Male Vespula are now excluded from the key as it has become apparent that more work is required regarding separating the species rleiably.

PDF icon Vespine wasps key_v5.pdf

A list of all the present known species concepts - March 2020.

File All_current_known_species_concepts_March_2020.xlsx

2019 Species list with current BWARS concepts.

File 2019_May_Species_list_current_concept.xlsx

All the references given in the species account pages up to Atlas 10 - 2019.

PDF icon Species_Account_References_2019.pdf