Nomada conjungens Herrich-Schäffer,1839


Nomada dallatorreana SCHMIEDEKNECHT 1882; Nomada bipunctis PÉREZ 1902


Confined to southern England where it is sporadically distributed and very rare. In mainland Europe, it is known from the Netherlands, Germany and Poland south to Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia.

Status (in Britain only)

Listed as Rare (RDB3) in Shirt (1987) and provisionally upgraded to RDB2 (Vulnerable) by Falk (1991).


Open sites both inland and on the coast, but restricted entirely to those supporting nesting populations of Andrena proxima.

Flight period

Univoltine; mid May to early June.

Pollen collected

This species does not collect pollen.

Nesting biology

A cleptoparasite of Andrena proxima (for example, R C L Perkins 1919).

Flowers visited

Mainly found on the flowers of umbellifers (Apiaceae), although a specimen has been collected from a flower of a species of spurge (Euphorbia sp.)(pers. obs.).


None known.

Author of profile

G R Else.