Lasioglossum limbellum (Morawitz, 1876)


This is a Channel Islands species not found in mainland Britain.

An uncommon Western Palaearctic species, occurring as far east as northern China.

Status (in Britain only)

The Channel Islands are, for a number of reasons, excluded from the geographical coverage of the British Red Data book (Shirt, 1987) and the subsequent review (Falk, 1991).


It occurs in sandy habitats.

Flight period

The Channel Island flight period cannot be defined, although elsewhere it has been found flying in June.

Pollen collected

Pollen sources are unknown but it is likely to be polylectic.

Nesting biology

Abroad, the females are known to nest in aggregations in vertical sandy faces. Details of the nesting behaviour are unknown.

Flowers visited

No data available.


No data available.

Author of profile

G W Allen.

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