Strumigenys perplexa (Smith, 1876)

Description and notes

The primarily tropical genus Strumigenys Smith 1860 (Formicidae: Myrmicinae) are minute predators with a growing history of global introductions but rarely able to establish in temperate zones outside of heated infrastructures. The Australasian Strumigenys perplexa has been recently found in Guernsey in outdoor locations. You can read full details here Matt Hamer et al 2021


Strumigenys perplexa distribution map

Recently discovered in a few locations in Guernsey

Believed to be native to Australia and New Zealand


A tiny ant with unusual mandibles and head shape. There are photographs and a key in Hamer et al 2021


Found in leaf-litter

Foraging behaviour

Thought to feed on tiny inverterbrates such as Collembola

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M G Fox

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