Chrysis rutiliventris Abeille de Perrin,1879 iso. Morgan 1984

Description and notes

Identification keys and hosts are given in Morgan (1984) and Archer (2003). Kunz (1994) treats C. rutiliventris as a synonym of C. ignita. Linsenmaier (1997) treats this taxon as a valid species including a subspecies vanlithi Linsenmaier, 1959.


This map is for Chrysis rutiliventris agg.

Widespread in England,Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands.

Overseas, Linsenmaier (1997) gives Europe (except for northern Europe),Turkey and Korea, and the subspecies vanlithi throughout Europe, North Africa, central Asia and China.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not regarded as being scarce or threatened.


No specific information.

Flight period

May to August.

Flowers visited

Open-structured flowers.


No specific information found.

Parasitic biology

Morgan (1984) indicates Ancistrocerus oviventris and this species has been collected with A. scoticus. Like the distribution of A. oviventris and A. scoticus, the distribution of A. rutiliventris shows a lack of recent records from central England.

Author of profile

M E Archer.