Crabro peltarius (Schreber,1784)


Crabro dentipes PANZER, 1797; Crabro patellarius PANZER, 1797; Crabro mediatus FABRICIUS, 1798


Locally common to abundant throughout much of Britain and Ireland.

Status (in Britain only)

This species is not regarded as being threatened.


Mainly associated with light, sandy soils.

Flight period

Apparently single-brooded; late May to mid-August.

Prey collected

Prey consist of paralysed Diptera of the families Therevidae, Stratiomyidae and the superfamily Muscoidea (Richards, 1980).

Nesting biology

The nest burrows are about 28 cm in length and are excavated in the soil. A nest consists of up to seven cells, each being provisioned with about nine flies (Lomholdt, 1976).

Flowers visited

The species visits wild parsnip, hogweed and wild carrot, also creeping thistle.

Author of profile

G R Else.

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