Oxybelus mandibularis Dahlbom,1845

Description and notes

See Oxybelus uniglumis for general notes on this species.


A very local wasp, confined to southern England and west Wales, with a similar distribution to O. argentatus. There are no records of it from Ireland or the Channel Islands, although it does occur on the Isle of Man.

Status (in Britain only)

The species is provisionally listed as Rare (pRDB3) in Falk (1991). Recent evidence suggests that it may only be scarce.


The species is found in similar sites to O. argentatus, occurring both on the coast and on dry, inland heaths.

Flight period

End of June to late August.

Prey collected

Diptera from the families Muscidae, Sarcophagidae and Tachinidae.

Nesting biology

Little appears to be known of its nesting behaviour, but it is likely to be broadly similar to O. uniglumis. In Fennoscandia, nests are provisioned with adult Diptera; each cell containing four to six flies (Lomholdt, 1976).

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